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Designing any space is an intricate process that involves numerous tasks, consultants and manufacturers/distributors.  Therefore, careful management of the design process is extremely important.  EYEONDESIGN, LLC. will not only present you with innovative designs that match your vision, but will also extend project management services to you to guarantee that all aspects of your project are aligned with your expectations and budget. 

 Whether you are interested in completing a full building design/renovation or not, don't worry.  There are many ways that EYEONDESIGN, LLC. can meet your design needs.  Request a consultation today to learn more about the Architecture and Interior Design services currently offered.  



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About Us


 A goal of EYEONDESIGN, LLC. is to develop design concepts that perfectly align with the vision of our clients and their businesses.  A direct result of working with us is that your clients or guests will be able to easily interpret your vision and mission ---in essence, your IDENTITY--- from the design of your work space or residence.